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Leftypedia MP Screenshot.png
Front page of Leftypedia in early 2024
Type Online encyclopedia, wiki
Founded 2019
Founder CyberSynGang (original version)
Users 76 editors
Espoused ideology Socialism
Left-wing politics
URL leftypedia.org (2019–2022)
wiki.leftypol.org (2022–)

Leftypedia is a leftist non-sectarian encyclopedia dedicated to the analysis of history and politics from a critical and radical perspective and dissemination of socialist concepts. Initially founded in 2019[1] to preserve content from Marxistpedia after the site went down, Leftypedia gained users from a variety of sources, including the /leftypol/ imageboard as well as leftist Reddit communities such as /r/ShitLiberalsSay. The site existed at the leftypedia.org domain name until it was removed in July 2022,[2][3][why?] but was revived under the wiki.leftypol.org domain later that year, hosted and maintained by leftypol.org, where it exists as of 2024.[4]

Being MediaWiki-based, Leftypedia not only allows but encourages original discourse and polemical writing between authors of various left-wing tendencies along with internal debates over the content featured in articles.[5]

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