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The rhetoric category is intended to provide quick access to resources and responses that refute typical anti-communist arguments, as well as enable other debates and discussions.

For now, all rhetoric articles should be linked on this page, though a categorization system may be established if the amount of articles substantially increases.

Although the debate of how to respond to questions and criticisms of socialism are bound to lead to some sectarian disagreement, responses to non-socialists should attempt to take a position that does not stray too far into internecine squabbling and backbiting. While articles can and should be improved by any contributions, articles should not be entirely rewritten to suit the author's ideological stance. If you would like to tackle one of these questions from an entirely different framework/ideological basis, please create a new article instead or copy the existing text to a new article to rewrite.

For a quick overview of a broad variety of questions, please see the frequently asked questions page.

Rhetoric articles

  1. "Communism has killed 100+ million people!"
  2. "The Nazis were leftists!"
  3. "Communists are just as bad as Nazis!"
  4. "Capitalism has brought hundreds of millions out of poverty!"
  5. "Liberal democracies are essentially benevolent, unlike socialist regimes!"
  6. "No ordinary people support socialism!"
  7. "Socialists hate democracy!"
  8. "Leftists want to take my guns away!"
  9. "Socialism always leads to starvation!"
  10. "Socialism only works in theory!"
  11. "Karl Marx was a bad person, therefore Marxism is wrong"
  12. The inefficiency of capitalism
  13. Capitalism is not a bunch of small businesses
  14. "Socialists think everyone is equal, or want to force everyone to be the same!" (WIP)
  15. "Socialism can't work because humans are naturally lazy!" (WIP)
  16. "Socialism can't work because humans are naturally greedy!" (WIP)
  17. "The workers are too dumb to know how to manage themselves!" (WIP)
  18. "The people who were forced to live under socialist regimes hate socialism!" (WIP)
  19. "Without the profit motive, nobody would create or invent anything new!" (WIP)
  20. "Communists are just jealous and want to take other people's stuff, they don't understand that people want to own personal property!" (WIP)
  21. "The Chernobyl disaster proves that socialism is a failure!" (WIP)
  22. "Capitalism is voluntary and free, unlike socialism!" (WIP)
  23. The argument that fascists are warmongers who will only exterminate the common man. (WIP)
  24. "Communism was created by the rich/Jews to enslave people!" (WIP)
  25. The poor reputation of Marxism and socialism (WIP)
  26. Capitalism is not democratic (WIP)