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Бенес Христофорович Айо A.K.A. Black Lenin is a modern political revolutionary that is involved in the Palestinian struggle, United Kingdom, and the War in Donbass[1]. He is a memeber of the Nazbol Party since 1998 and a member of CPGB-ML. He participated in the Annexation of Crimea and Donbass.


He was born in the Latvian SSR with his father being Ugandan and his mother Russian. He attended University of Latvia to study biology. In 2005 Айо have gotten arrested by the Latvian authorities for setting off smoke bombs in protest of George W. Bushes visitation of Latvia under the charge of "calling for overthrow of the political system". He was put on police surveillance in which he then fled Latvia to London. He then attended University of London for Microbiology. He also worked at building the Heathrow Terminal 2. This was when he was in contact with CPGB-ML and became involved in political actions. In Summer of 2013 he traveled to Palestine to protest the Zionist Occupied Government of Israel and gained experience as a paramedic[2]. In the Autumn of that year he traveled to Moscow and participated in Eduard Liminov's party The Other Russia in a congressional meeting. He participated in political actions and protests November of that year against the detainment and death of Aleksandr Dolmatov in The Hague, He was detained for two months by the Dutch. In 2014 he traveled to Ukraine in which he was arrested and sent back to UK, he came back may of that year by crossing the boarder with two others. The place they were staying in got swatted by the Urks and he was tortured by the National guard. He was then deported to Latvia in which he was then detained by the Latvian government. The Other Russia protested for his release. In 2015 he Hitch hiked to Tallin then ferried to Finland then took a bus to Russia then arrived in Lugansk in which the newly formed republic allowed him to write articles and join military service. He participated in Debaltseve, and Stanytsia Luhanska. The was a at Large Convict by the Latvian government after his escape. In Beginning of this year (2020) he was detained in Yarensk, Russia for a protest about a garbage landfill. The Latvian government requested extradition and requested from Putin political asylum.