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Hegelianism refers to the philosophical tradition following in the footsteps of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. Marxism is Hegelian in many respects, as is much of continental philosophy.

Early Hegelians

After the death of Hegel, two opposing philosophical schools quickly formed according to their general political alignment:

Old Hegelians (Right Hegelians)

The Old Hegelians or Right Hegelians were the idealist faction of Hegel's followers in the early 19th century. They followed Hegel in supporting the existing state of things as the completion of human history. [citation needed]

Young Hegelians (Left Hegelians)

The Young Hegelians or Left Hegelians were a faction which rejected the conservative conclusions of Hegel and supported progressive social change. Karl Marx, Max Stirner, Bruno Bauer and others were among the Left Hegelians in the early 1840s.

British idealists

Analytic Hegelians

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