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Just like Wikipedia, Leftypedia requires articles to provide strong sources for statements of fact.

Special cases

Quotation needed

When explaining the positions of prominent leftist authors it might not be enough to simply leave a reference backing up your interpretation. If this is the case, you should demonstrate it through a direct quote from a primary source, preferably in addition to an authoritative reference.

Instances needed

Since part of this the aim of this wiki is to discredit common misconceptions, there will be moments where you need to directly address such a misunderstanding. In cases like this you're allowed use a weasely statement like "it is commonly believed", but this should be appended with prominent examples showing the belief. Such examples may include news articles, books, popular YouTube videos, etc.

A single example isn't enough to show that a misunderstanding is a trend, so ideally you should cite two or three. If you find an author addressing the same misunderstanding you're talking about this may be interesting to include as well.

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