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Leftypedia has an official Discord server. However, we would like to stress that participation in this server is not required for editors and is in-fact completely voluntary. This Discord server is intended for more community-focused discussion, learning, and argumentation as opposed to official conduct. We decided on Discord as many leftists use that platform as opposed to open-source mediums. Therefore making it more convenient for the time being.

Study group

Our server has a study group. We collectively decide on texts to cover and study them every Saturday at 2:00 PM (EDT). We hold discussions about the covered texts afterwards.

Privacy notice

We understand that many of our editors and supporters may dislike our use of Discord for multiple (completely valid) reasons, many of them privacy-related. We encourage you to consider the privacy implications of using Discord (many of which can be found in this article) and other propriety capitalist-owned software. If possible, we suggest using browser extensions like uBlock Origin, third-party Discord clients, and other software (see Operations security) to minimize the amount of personal information Discord can collect from you.

If all of this is acceptable to you, you're welcome to join our Discord server. Both editors and non-editors are free to join and contribute to discussions!