Essay:Personal Property vs Public Property

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There is a misconception about leftist ideologies that annoys me more than average: “They’ll take your toothbrush!” This myth comes from the mixing up of “Personal vs Private”. You see, Personal Property is a home, a computer, a Bread Pad. Private Property is Factories, Workplaces. I have heard Cappies on Media say “Well, What if you work at home?” To that I say, I don’t know. I am no Marx. I just despise this myth. Why? Because it is so foolish, yet so common. I have purely no idea how this exact myth came, but I can understand how the Bourgeois could possibly keep the myth going: “We worked hard to build the plant! It’s my personal building!” And since the people and reality are controlled by the rich, the people buy this crap. And, the word and idea of “Personal Property” is thrown out (At least in Mega Suburban land) in favour of “Any property that isn’t public is Private” which is objectively inferior to the Marxian theory of 3 property types. Why? Because toothbrushes and Teller’s Stations are inherently different. But due to this such erasure, people believe that redistributing a Factory to the people means that your pencil will be used by all, which is purely false. I now want to comment on A real-life example of “Erasure of Terms”: At a neighbourhood near my school, there is a sign that claims: “NO TRESPASSING. PRIVATE PROPERTY.” Well, MR. Middle, how come your home is a workplace? Did you mess up your Ps? This negligence is naff.[1][2]