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Formerly known as Neiltyson1fan on RationalWiki, and William elsewhere

Creator of (defunct), (hijacked, no longer owner), (defunct, archived), (defunct, archived), (an 8chan era leftypol wiki, defunct, probably not archived), (defunct, archived), (defunct, archived), (defunct, archived), (defunct, archived), (defunct, half-archived), (defunct, half-archived)

Former web-host (but not admin) of (defunct, half-archived)

I no longer run websites and have little to no interest in doing so anymore.

Am one of about 100 people globally banned from all Wikimedia sites and so have spent time creating or writing on third party wikis for about 7 years on and off. English Wikipedia has a page dedicated to investigating a few IP address ranges they accuse of being my 'sockpuppets' lmao.

My contributions, past, present, and future are public domain aka CC0.