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Tongue-in-cheek representation of radical liberal politics.

Radical liberal or radlib is a pejorative aimed at passionate progressive liberals posing as radical leftists. Although they adopt the aesthetics and some rhetoric of radical politics, their advocacy forms no danger to hegemonic power structures. They may focus exclusively on identity-based struggles, while neglecting the way these struggles intersect with class, and without an appropriate systemic analysis. Radical liberal praxis consists of little more than policing individual bigotry, supporting bourgeois candidates in their elections as harm reduction, and introducing minorities into the ruling class.[1]

Related terms


"Wokescold" is a pejorative aimed at people who police others on personal bigotry with inappropriate hostility. The implication is that they scold others for their personal gratification, rather than to promote progressive causes. Like the similar term "social justice warrior," it has largely been appropriated by the political right.

Class reductionist

A class reductionist is the opposite of a radical liberal. Class reductionists focus exclusively on class and the capitalist system, claiming that other struggles will disappear once class differences are abolished.

Compatible left

The "compatible left" is a term sometimes used by Marxists–Leninists and other tendencies to criticize center-left and reformist voices who they argue are ultimately in support of the capitalist system and are even supported by the bourgeois state in order to mislead revolutionary sentiments towards ineffective ideologies which are compatible with capitalism and imperialism.[2]

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