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Wikitext is roughly the same among different MediaWiki wikis. You can use the resources offered by Wikipedia to learn how to properly edit pages on Leftypedia. Nevertheless, there are a few points that are specific to this site and need to be clarified.


To begin editing, simply click on one of the two editing tabs on the top of the interface (see image below). Click the "edit" tab if you want to use the visual editor, and click "edit source" if you want to edit using direct MediaWiki markup. Visual editor is much more usable for beginners.

Example of where the editing buttons are located on the interface. Click on one of them to begin editing.



We've restricted the editing of userpages (even your own) to trusted contributors. This was done because of an issue with spam bots only editing their own userpage. If you want to edit your own userpage please make a couple of edits on the wiki first so we can tell that you're legit.

Note: As of October 2023 this feature needs to be fixed.


Templates are separate pages of wikitext which can be imported ("transcluded") directly into an article in order to make standardized tables, navigation boxes, sidebars, and more. Templates exist in the Template: namespace and can be "called" in the Visual Editor by clicking Insert > Template and entering their name. In the source editor, templates use the syntax {{template name}}. The "This is a Help page" box at the top of this page is an example of a template. Templates function almost identically to Wikipedia and other Wikis, allowing for importing templates and using them to create new ones. LUA-based Modules used by templates which contain #invoke statements appear to be working as of October 2023.

For examples of original templates created by users at Leftypedia, see below.

Original templates

One of the long-running objectives of this site is to make navigating leftist topics easier than on other wikis. To this end, we have several original templates related to leftist topics to facilitate leftist study and discourse.

The following is not a comprehensive list and is not likely to be up to date. Please see Category:Original templates for other Leftypedia templates.

For a complete list of templates, including technical templates and those imported from Wikipedia, see here.

Navigation templates

Works by Marx and Engels

Sidebar templates

Infobox templates

Issue templates

User page templates

Userbox templates can be used to easily identify yourself, your tendencies, or even your interests. These templates belong on your userpage–don't use them in articles on the site.

Visit the Userbox gallery for some examples of tendency-related templates, including communist and anarchist versions.[a]

Citing sources

For help citing sources, see these links.

See also


  1. This site used to have a template for users banned from Conservapedia. You can submit a request for this template to be remade or restored.