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Leftypedia allows Ieftists the space to publish their thoughts in an essay format within the "Essay:" namespace. After writing such a piece you may add a synopsis of it on this page.

Author Title Synopsis
User:CommieKarlovy Personal Property vs Public Property This paper consists of a counter-argument against the "Private Property" argument commonly parrotted by right-wingers.
User:CommieKarlovy A short paper on a Birdargument concerning minimum wage This paper consists of a counter-argument against an argument the writer calls a "Birdargument" that concerns Minimum Wage.
User:CommieKarlovy Canada is Not Unique A reflection on being Canadian.
User:Anarcho-Bolshevik Anticommunism Kills A sourced list of anticommunist historical killings.
/leftypol/ anon The Capitalist Realism of Post-Apocalypse Fiction One user's argument about the absurdity of the post-apocalyptic setting.
User:CommieKarlovy What Is Considered Leftist? A paper on what ideologies could be considered "Leftist".
User:Capuch1n Is it worth to critically support China anymore? An address to whether support of China is still warranted.
SociusVenger Does "actually existing socialism" exist in the modern age? "Refutes the concept "actually existing socialism" ("AES") which revisionist groupings use promote and to justify deviationism."
SociusVenger What is "Hoxhaism"? "Debunks the term of "Hoxhaism" as a revisionist concept used to attack anti-revisionists and does not truly exist as an ideology."
SociusVenger American “Patriotic Socialism” — A Reactionary Deviation "Debunks the social-chauvinist trends of "Patriotic socialism" and "MAGA communism" as fascistic revisions to Marxist theory."